Worried about money?

Learn how you can live joyfully and affordably within an intentional community.


Have you heard that living in a community is pricy?

It doesn't have to be! Learn the real costs of community living + strategies for saving $$$.


“I'm incredibly stressed about capitalism and trying to survive completely on my own. That's why I think community living is a good option for me.” —Sarah J.


Find a community that works within your finances.

Join this mini-course if you want the confidence to:

  • Rent, own, or build your home within an intentional community
  • Avoid expensive types of communities
  • Discover affordable regions of the US and other countries
  • Navigate the economic systems common in communities
  • Keep your remote job, get a job, or retire gracefully in community
  • Contribute to meaningful projects and co-creation with your neighbors
  • Understand community membership joining fees and dues

Yes, it really is possible!

In the Money & Community Mini-Course, you’ll learn how to live joyfully and affordably within an intentional community.


Imagine a future where you…

  • Feel you belong as part of an intentional community
  • Have secure housing
  • Put your time and energy towards meaningful projects

The right information can make all the difference. We’ll cover what you need to know in the Money & Community Mini-Course.


Money & Community

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With this pre-recorded short course you’ll learn:

  • The costs of joining and living in different types of communities
  • 10 strategies for saving (and even making) money by living in an intentional community
  • The #1 cost benefit of community living

Get a handle on the basics of how money works in communities, so you can take steps towards your community vision.

What's included in the mini-course...


Community Costs 101 

There are a wide variety of community types, each with a range of price tags and ongoing fees, including:

  • Pricy communities in certain areas and with certain legal models
  • Communities that are free to join, but come with restrictions
  • Options for renting, buying, and building your own housing

You’ll finish this lesson with a full picture of what goes into the costs of joining and living in a community.


Strategies for Saving

When you are ready to take the step to join a community, there are 10 key strategies you can use to save and even earn money. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Which of the 10 strategies is an option for you
  • Common misunderstandings & expensive mistakes
  • The best way to budget for community

You’ll finish this lesson with a plan for how you can join the community that works with your finances.


Pros & Cons of Community

The secret to saving in community comes down to one word — sharing. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How a culture of sharing works in community
  • How to set boundaries but also ask for what you need
  • Amenities, resources, and tools that come with community

You’ll finish this course with a new mindset around what it means to share within a community. Welcome to cooperative culture!

This mini-course is for you if...

  • You aren't sure there is a community out there that works within your budget
  • You dream of having support within a values-aligned community
  • You're ready to make some transitions in your life
  • You want secure and comfortable housing
  • You have energy and talents to contribute to a community

I'm Cynthia

After a decade of travel and work with over a hundred intentional communities, I'm living my community dream at an ecovillage in Vermont.

Honestly, money is still a concern. I worry about the future of the economy and my own finances, but let me tell you — it's all made so much easier by living in community! I have a network of support, a culture of sharing, and economic opportunities that never would have been possible otherwise. 

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find a community that works with your finances. Whether you have enough for a down-payment or barely enough to get by, there are strategies you can use to get into a community that's comfortable for you.

"I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia to help guide you in your search for a well matched community!"

- Joia Holman

"Cynthia helped me clarify the intentional communities that fit me, better get to know them, and finally choose one that I’m now a member of."

- Alan Stillman

"This is a unique and extremely helpful service, and I am so happy that Cynthia provides it."

Whitney Purdum

Money & Community

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