Planning your communities tour just got easier.

Avoid stress, overwhelm, wasted time...

and get ready to have a blast visiting intentional communities — ecovillages, cohousing, housing coops, and more!


Want to visit intentional communities and looking for help with planning? The "Planning Your Communities Tour" workshop has got you covered. 

Learn more from Cynthia, your instructor and communities guide, in the video below 


Online Workshop

Planning Your Communities Tour

This online workshop will help you plan a successful communities tour. 8+ hours of content will cover the ins and outs of visiting intentional communities. And that’s not all – you’ll also receive access to the “Roadmap to Community Workbook,” a comprehensive guide that includes templates, self-assessments, and more planning tools.

You'll leave the workshop with:

  • Clarity on your community wishlist, values, and goals
  • Personal Community Resume to support outreach to communities
  • Map of your route, packing list suggestions, and safety tips
  • List of communities that are easy to visit for the first time + worthwhile programs
  • Advice for how to be a welcomed guest in a community and ask the right questions
  • Community Comparison Chart to keep track of visits and evaluate your options

Take the headache out of travel planning...

  • Feel confident that you are investing time in visiting communities that are best for you
  • Make a good first impression from contacting to visiting a community
  • Connect with other community travelers and learn from each other's stories

With so many communities out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to visit and how to plan your trip. That’s where our workshop comes in – we’ll guide you through the process of planning your community tour from start to finish, so you can make the most of your journey.

Introducing your new travel buddy,

The Roadmap to Community Workbook

Packed with templates, tools, and assessments to support your journey:

  • Key questions to ask yourself before undertaking a communities tour
  • Practical worksheets for how to best engage with communities
  • 40+ pages of resources, tips, tools not available anywhere else

Get exclusive access to the workbook during the Planning Your Communities Tour workshop. Plus lifetime access to all the recorded videos with your workshop ticket!


Workshop Overview

Getting started 

Community Travel Prep 

  • Community Wishlist & Resume
  • Advanced Research Tools
  • Mapping Your Tour Route
Making the most of your trip

Advanced Tour Planning

  • Strategy For Contacting Communities
  • Making The Most of Your Visits
  • Community Comparison Chart

This workshop is for you if...

  • You're excited to visit communities in the near future
  • Want to get a jump start on planning for later visits
  • Need a clear plan and strategy for your communities tour
  • Want to get the absolute most you can from your travels
  • Would feel better having a buddy and support network on your journey
Meet your guide...

I'm Cynthia

After a decade of travel to 150+ intentional communities, I'm living my community dream at an ecovillage in Vermont.

Honestly, I love going on community tours. I don't travel as much as I used to, so it's pure joy to support people like you on your journey. Whether you are setting out to find your next home or just want to have a grand adventure, I've picked up plenty of tricks and tools to make the planning process WAY easier. 

I hope you have a blast and learn a ton through your visits to communities. It's my job to make sure you feel supported and well resourced while you're out there. Think of me as your cheerleader on the sidelines as you venture out towards your community vision. You got this!


What Cynthia's clients have to say...

"I wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia to help guide you in your search for a well matched community!"

- Joia Holman

"Cynthia helped me clarify the intentional communities that fit me, better get to know them, and finally choose one that I’m now a member of."

- Alan Stillman

"Cynthia proved to be an excellent ally in assisting me in my search for ecovillages and communities."

- Adam Morrision

Workshop FAQ

Ready to hit the road?

Let's make sure you have a fantastic intentional communities tour.

Let's go!

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